Hello, Welcome to the Spring / Summer 2004 CRYAN' SHAMES Online Newsletter
Editor Gloria Knuth.

Cryan'Shames.com! The Homepage has now acquired the new Domain address of: http://www.cryanshames.com

{News Letter Updates are at the bottom of the newsletter}

The 2004 Cryan' Shames Concert season is once again in full swing
For a list of The Cryan' Shames upcoming concert dates which are posted on the "Events" page. Click here: More concert dates will be added as they are "firmed" up.
Some concert highlights are Jim Pilster's new band.JPG. James Fairs and Dennis Conroy had an unexpected reunion at the May 26, 2004 .JPG concert in Downers Grove, IL. (where else!). James was sitting in the back of the Pub trying to look inconspicuous (Right!, with a Florida tan and long black hair) when Dennis's girlfriend Patti spotted him. Dennis and Patti then joined Frare at his table for a nice visit while J.C. hooke and the band played on.
Jimy Rogers and The Maudsjoined the Cryan' Shames at their February 27th, 2004 concert in Lincolnshire, IL. Jimy is a powerful entertainer,and has a tight band!
Larry Covney (The Silver One) will be joining the Shames for their July 10, 2004 Lincolnwood, IL. concert.
The New Colony Sixwill be performing with the Shames on July 11, 2004 in Westchester, IL. and The Ides' of March will perform with the Shames on July 16, 2004 in Brookfield, IL.

Dennis Conroy and Jim Pilster

Ballistic Edna
Pat and Barb's daughter in law Robin is now playing bass for the Chicago area band Ballistic Edna. They will be performing on June 30, 2004 at Taste of Chicago.

Fran Giagkou (Vocals)Robin Malott (Bass and Vocals)
SUNDAZED CD at sundazed.com Update 2/9/2002

Click On Sundazed Button Above To Purchase the following Cryan' Shames CDs: Sugar & Spice, A Scratch in the Sky, Synthesis. These CDs are On Sale Now.

Update Feb.9th, 2002!......
Clark Besch said the new Sundazed CDs are selling great!!! ,and thanked us for helping promote them.

New Cryan' Shames Songs
Jimmy P. (J.C. Hooke) announced that the Cryan' Shames have added two news songs from their third Red album "Synthesis": 20th Song , and Young Birds Fly.


Isaac's new Web Site The Isaac Guillory Web Site

The Cryan' Shames Home Page has now gone "Global" with the addition of The Isaac Guillory Web Site (in England) as one of it's satellites. Isaac's wife Victoria asked us to take over the helm as his webmasters earlier this year.
James Fairs has graciously offered to be our technical adviser for the Isaac Guillory On-Line Guitar School (thank goodness!)
Also Featured on Isaac's web site are previously unreleased photos of Isaac (thanks Marlene and Vicki!), his Biography in England, and all of Isaac's solo Cds - including his latest "Swansong". U.S.A. fans will need to get an international money order (in english Pounds) to purchase the CDs from Vicki Guillory.
Isaac's Gibson L5 guitar is featured for sale on his website. Contact Vicki Guillory for details.

Our e-mail address for The Cryan' Shames web site was taken down because we were getting spammed to the extent that it was taking up our alotted web space. This is unfortunate, and why this unscrupuious "business" practice is allowed to happen is beyond us. Their mentality (or rather lack of) is also reflected in the e-mail's contents. Barb is working on a fix while the e-mail address is down, so stay tuned.

New CD By Michael Ayres.

Michael has just released his new CD Heart Of Love Click Here For Details

G.L.O.R.I.A. has a new supply of 2002 Cryan' Shames T-Shirts and the new Sundazed Cds (Sugar & Spice, A Scratch In The Sky, Synthesis) along with the Sony Compilation CD "Sugar & Spice - A Collection". These can be purchased at Cryan' Shames Concerts or from Gloria by e-mail.


We just received the news that CD Universe released "Sugar and Spice, The Very Best Of The Cryan' Shames". It has a very nice CD cover, and is a bargain at $6.98 for Cryan' Shames collectors. It was released October 21, 2003, and contains tracks from all three of the Cryan' Shames "Red Albums". It can be viewed at CDUniverse.com
Click Here

News from Alan Dawson
Aorta CD released

Alan was in the Chicago 1960's band Aorta prior to joining The Cryan' Shames as their drummer (Synthesis album). Alan just shared this news with us about the Aorta and H.P. Lovecraft CDs being released on Jim Vincent's web site. The URL for Jim Vincent's web site is Click Here and the Aorta CDs are available there as well as the Exceptions and one Lovecraft CD. The H.P.Lovecraft CD is the first two studio albums in one, can be purchased from Amazon. Alan is also going to write to Jim about the live Aorta tape that he has.

And a Playdate!

Alan Dawson will be singing at Pops Highwood, 214 Green Bay Road, in Highwood, IL on Wed. June 30th, 2004 as part of the Singer Spotlight Circle Click Here. The show starts at 8:00 pm and he is one of four singers.

News From Ron Kaplan

An Article featuring featuring Ron Kaplan recently appeared in the Dallas Morning News. The article is posted on line here:Click Here
The Newspaper article is: Making tracks 1,000 miles away Using computer, drummer records with distant band, June 3, 2004, By CRAYTON HARRISON / The Dallas Morning News

Ron has finished recording a CD with the Chicago based band "The Cleavers". The Cleavers are hosting streaming audio samples of their finished disc, Television Mind, at Click Here

The CD is also available at cdbaby.com/thecleavers and you can hear some of the songs on aiiradio.net.
aiiradio picked one of the songs from the CD, Jungle of Love, and it entered their charts at #25.

Ron joined the original Cryan' Shames in the fall of 1969 and played the last six or seven months they were together. He played with them again for the Wild Goose Tour, and the reunion at Chicagofest in 1982.
Click Here for Ron's interview

The Buckinghams
Tom Scheckel, a good friend, and a great drummer for The Buckinghams checked in on the Shames's Messageboard and told us that our very own Jeff Rutter (accept no substitutes) filled in with the Buckinghams at their August 12, 2004 Concert. Way to go Jeff!
Tom said :"You played and sang great, came totally prepared, and you were even on time! What ARE you ... a PROFESSIONAL?!?
(Hell, you even looked good in black!).

Thanks again for a stellar performance, the pleasure was all ours.

And a big "whatup, brohams" to the rest of the Shames boys. See you around the deli tray.

60's Museum Benefit report from Nancy Harless
The next 60s Museum Benefit will be Saturday November 13, 2004 at Pops Sports Bar, Nerge and Plum Grove Roads in Roselle, IL.
We will post more info as we get it.
Donations are accepted at any time. Checks can be sent to:
Sixties Museum, Inc.
P.O. Box 621
South Elgin, IL 60177

A 60's Museum Update from Marlene O'Malley

Mark your calendars! Something to spice up the pre-winter blues.....come join the 60's Museum for its 2004 benefit on Saturday, November 13, 2004 at Pop's Sports Bar, Nerge & Plum Grove Road, Roselle, Illinois from 7pm to 1:30 a.m. This year's benefit will feature, among others, Jamestown Massacre, Jimy Rogers and the Mauds, a blues jam with Joe Kelley of the Shadows of Knight, Jimy Sohns from the Shadows of Knight, and the New Invaders. Many other 60's luminaries have been invited, and you never know who will show up to jam, so make sure you're there for this exciting event. Tickets are $20 and sure to go fast, so make your plans now. You can purchase tickets online at www.60smuseum.org, or contact me or anyone at the 60's Museum for ticktets or more information. Pop's has great pizza and food as well, and this is an over-21 only show. Don't miss out on this event!!!

James Fairs News 6/4/04

James just gave us the news that he is working on a rendition of the Mile Davis song "Sketches of Spain". He is taking the Miles Davis composition back home by scoring it for Spanish guitar, and enjoying the process.
James is making astonishing progress with his new technologies development company "Mice Technologies Inc."
Stay tuned for more details........

Ben Franklin's Almanac...The Mystery Continues:

Here is the long awaited for answer from James Fairs on the meaning of this now legendary song. For further clues see Words from the Cryan' Shames to Friends and Fans... its on the Cryan' Shames Pull Down Menu.
" I dunno...
i see Ben's mark all over it."
******** ALSO**************
1) the song is a pre cursor to the recent theories in cosmological physics which discuss 'dark matter' and 'dark energy'. these theories point to, first, a 'frozen sun'...then, finally...blackness' ('bound colors'). or...
2) when i showed the lyrics to the band, they told me to go fly a kite ...or something "

More Frare News 11/20/2004

James Fairs recently appeared with Jim Pilster's band ".JPG", and some great photos by Follets are posted on the .JPG website. Frare is wearing sunglasses because his future is so bright!.James also told us that he moved back to the Chicago area!
Click Here for .JPG Web Site

News From Marlene, Our Chicago Area Rovin' Reporter

I Went to the Lincolnwood Fest last nite to see Larry "The Silver One" and the Shames, and who should appear but one more original, Gerry Stone! He was there with his son Kevin, and Jimmy brought him up on stage to sing along with "Sugar & Spice"! Nice to see him out & about.....so that's one more, besides James & Denny that's been around lately....can a reunion be far behind???????

Shameless Girls News From Diane Raddatz, our On-The-Spot Reporter
Wow! Talk about "That Was The Week That Was!"

Three fantastic shows all in a row.

First stop: Fort Madison, Iowa

Everybody seemed pumped; band and audience alike. Of course, with The Shameless Girls, it's hard to tell. They were probably bombed, but I digress. (Can't help myself, Bobby. It may take YEARS for you to live it down!) The usual line-up was changed a little, probably to exclude some of the more obscure Shames' songs and include a few more well known cover songs from groups like the Ides and Bucks. Doesn't matter, because, whatever they do, the boys nail them all. Dave Z. & Greg were really hot all weekend long. Bob, in addition to singing out his heart and soul, did his impersonation of Gerald McBoingBoing and was all over the place. Even Jimmy had a hard time keeping up with him. Dave R. outdid himself with his now famous "Iko, Iko." The coup de theatre (that's like coup d'etat, only for showbiz) was when the Shameless Girls unloaded a bunch of Murf's more seductive pieces of fine lingerie by throwing them at the boys. It's not clear whether or not the guys knew WHAT was going on. The Shamelesses were assisted by Nancy Penn, Rocky's best girl, and Andrea What's Her Name, Greg's best girl. They caught this phenomenon on film and hopefully, there will be pictures to share.

Iowa Pics

By Saturday, conditions were quite a bit calmer. The boys were clearly a bit sluggish. The Shameless Girls were resting their heads on the tables. This is probably due to the fact that they were bombed. However, they were thrilled because the beloved Silver One was appearing. It was SO wonderful to see and hear Larry again! I doubt that anyone in the audience would have thought him "rusty" by any stretch. He was even able to do an excellent job on "Young Birds Fly" (once they found his key) without a hitch. A surprise visit from original band member, Gerry Stone, joining Larry on Sugar and Spice, was the icing on the cake! (Some say the Shameless Girls lifted their heavy heads from time to time to see what all the commotion was! ) It was evident how professional and talented our guys really are; Larry could fill in and the boys could surround him with the great sound we have come to love. What a gifted group we have the pleasure of "Chasing!"

Larry's (AKA The Silver One)Babes

Sunday showed the bags under everyone's eyes abating a bit. We all had a chance to get in a little much needed sleep. (Bob, you cheated!) Everyone was "rewired" (even though Larry S. wasn't on the scene) and ready to go! Dave Z. looked especially handsome in his spiffy suit with the lavender shirt. The Shameless Girls looked, I don't know, sort of bombed, but what can you expect? If they can pull it off in Zion, they can pull it off anywhere. (I am resisting the urge here to say something I may live to regret.) Once again, we were back to the "new" lineup that now includes The 20th Song and Young Birds Fly. The 20th Song is expertly executed by our own Little Drummer Boy, Rocky Penn. The segue into Here Comes My Baby really rocks, as does Bob when he's singing it. But when they get into Young Birds, to quote Marlenie, "it brings chills to my spine." I know Marlene speaks for all of us......we are absolutely ecstatic everytime you get to that part in the show. I do believe this new, live version far surpasses even the original!

All in all, this was one of the best weekends I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Now, if you will excuse me, it's time for a drink.

Rock and Roll Roots CD
Rock & Roll Roots, Vol. 6 will be released on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004. CD release parties this year on the release date at once again the Oakbrook Borders at 1PM and the following Saturday at 1PM at the Schaumburg Borders.

In Memory of Steven Krueger 8/1/1951 - 8/21/2004
It is with sadness that we report the passing of Steve Krueger. Steve, a talented artist, drew the now famous (to us!) artist sketch in 1967 that was responsible for The Cryan' Shames Home Page being launched 30 years later in 1997. His sketch, along with Clark Besch's discography from the Sugar & Spice compilation CD, and a few pictures from the Cryan' Shames National Fan Club formed the intial core of the Shames's web site.


The Cryan' Shames 1970 Wild Goose Tour photos have just been posted , courtesy of The Cryan' Shames


The Cryan' Shames 1967-68 The New Place photos and story courtesy of Joanie Crear


The Cryan' Shames /Ides' of March Union 1975-76 "B'Ginnings" photos courtesy of Joanie Crear


Morton East High School 1967 Pics photos courtesy of Edlyn Andrlik


Stepan Center (Notre Dame) 1968 Pics photos courtesy of Bob Millea


Racine ,WI. "The Sound" 1967 & 1970 Pics photos courtesy of Christopher Inloes


More 2003 and 2004 concerts will be posted in the Events section of this Homepage as they are firmed up.


Spring / Summer 2005

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